Kingdom Under Fire Characters

Massive multilayer online games — or MMOs — often create something of a predicament with the average gamer. Titles like Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn offer robust and polished experiences, but the thought of a monthly subscription fee is usually enough to turn many would-be adventures away. With the advent of the free-to-play model, however, releases like the upcoming Kingdoms Under Fire II allow you to jump into the action without having to spend a penny.

Mixing RPG elements, strategy mechanics, and hack and slash gameplay, the Korean-made MMO has its gaze set on the PlayStation 4, although a specific release date hasn't been given just yet. Using your own custom made hero, you'll take to gigantic battlefields where Dynasty Warriors-like gameplay sees you smashing hundreds of enemies away with a swing of your oversized weapon. Meanwhile, you'll also have to take command of your troops, meaning that you'll need brains as well as brawn to emerge victorious. Of course, being an MMO, you won't be rampaging across these battlefields alone, and it'll be interesting to see how interactions with other players turn out given the scale of combat.

Because of its free-to-play nature, we'll no doubt need to wait and see what you can nab with real world cash before calling Kingdom Under Fire II a success, but until then, take a look at its E3 trailer, and let us know what you think of its bombastic style in the comments section below.