We did Nazi this coming

There's no doubt that Wolfenstein: The New Order is heavily inspired by its 1992 predecessor Wolfenstein 3D, which pioneered the shooter genre much like the legendary DOOM. But with next-gen graphics, deeper yet classic gunplay mechanics, and an intricately designed world where Nazis rule with bizarre technology, this game definitely has lofty ambitions. However, it has proved divisive among critics. While some may say it relies too heavily on the design of older shooters, MachineGames decided to take that a step further by sending the title back to the 90s with a small Easter egg.

Gamers are already finding the many secrets that exist in the game, including one where you can play a Wolfenstein 3D level. In a safe house later on in the campaign, you'll uncover a dishevelled bed beside a wall that has a conspicuous poster on it. If you sleep on the bed, you'll start playing in that game with protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz's new arsenal of weapons. Although many YouTubers have already showed this in action, Polygon has put together an incredibly nice video that gives detailed instructions on how to find the bonus.

What do you think of this neat throwback? Are you planning on snatching up The New Order today or nein? Join the Nazi army in the comments section below.

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