London Studio

As its name indicates, Project Morpheus is very much in a prototype phase right now. The virtual reality headset – which was announced at the Game Developers Conference earlier in the year – doesn’t currently have an official release timeline attached to it, and as such, is not expected to deploy until at least 2015. Consequentially, actual game footage has been thin on the ground – but IGN has attempted to service that growing gap with a snippet of The Deep being played on the PlayStation 4.

This is SingStar developer London Studio’s technology showcase, which puts you in the wetsuit of a diver being lowered into the ocean courtesy of a diving bell-like cage. Interactivity is limited, but in addition to being able to look around, you can also fire flares from a handgun using the DualShock 4. One neat portion of the demo encourages you to crouch down, and you’ll be able to see your digital avatar’s legs replicate your actions by craning your neck. Visually, it’s not amazing, but it looks decent enough.

Perhaps most impressive is the sense of tension that the snippet creates. The further that you plunge into the water, the darker your surroundings get – and the more dangerous the aquatic wildlife becomes. Tracking the fish by moving your head appears to be incredibly natural, and we reckon that this has tons of potential for future survival horror games like Outlast. What do you make of the demo? Are you impressed by the technology? Flash your teeth in the comments section below.