Despite a pretty big push around the world, Sony’s casual monster hunting franchise Invizimals has struggled to take off outside of continental Europe. Nevertheless, the platform holder's giving the property another shot here in the UK, and that’s culminated in the release of Invizimals: The Alliance and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3 respectively.

While we’re busy beavering away on traditional reviews for both of these adventures, we also thought that it was important to get some feedback from the franchise’s primary audience: kids. As such, we turned to our friends over at Family Gamer TV, who have been especially busy with the handheld release. This video not only includes tons of footage from the portable title, but it also gives an overview of how the various games interact.

Apologies in advance for the Chelsea shirt.

Invizimals Alliance - Family Review