With the indie titles of EGX Rezzed now little more than a distant memory – and a list of scribbled thoughts on this editor’s rather grubby notebook – our friends over at Eurogamer.net are already turning their attention to EGX London, the next major event hosted by the Gamer Network. Set to take place in the hallowed halls of Earls Court yet again, the organisers are planning another bumper year, with publishing partners including PlayStation, Activision, Bethesda, and more.

Of course, if that’s not a big enough draw for you, we’ll be stomping the show floor wearing branded t-shirts and whatever random tat we can get our filthy paws on – those Tearaway headdresses were a real boon last year. Full-day tickets will set you back £17.50, but Virgin Media customers can score a tasty discount. There’s much more information over at EGX London.com, which also hosts a countdown to the big opening on 25th September. Only 4,223 hours to go. Are you planning to attend this year’s event? Shake our sweaty hand in the comments section below.

[source eurogamer.net]