Healthy competition

Focusing on pre-owned software, GAME has re-launched two of its stores under the new name GAMEtronics. The move will see the retailer lock horns with popular pre-owned outlet CEX. However, GAMEtronics will still sell new gaming hardware and software. The first two cities to secure the re-branded stores are Lincoln and Cambridge, with the firm looking to expand elsewhere.

"Gamers can now trade in all kinds of tech devices, from consoles and software to tablets, phones, laptops, cameras, TVs, and sat navs," a spokesperson told "[This] makes purchasing new releases, digital content, and, in particular, the next-gen consoles even more affordable. GAMEtronics is a great way for even more gamers to take the leap into the next generation of gaming."

The move marks a return to the dual-brand strategy that GAME ditched when it closed down all GameStation stores in 2012. Mind you, we're honestly struggling to see the difference between this new shop format and the company's more traditional outlets aside from the fancy name.

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