With cult hit Katamari Damacy renowned for being louder and more flamboyant than an army of angry peacocks, this traditional fanart of the series is simply on a planet of its own. Using the traditional woodblock painting style, this classy tribute is the perfect period piece.

If you're taken by surprise by this monstrous ball of incoming doom, the Katamari series sees the Prince of All Cosmos rolling up objects to create new planets for his father, the King. We would be impressed by the size of the whale that he's got in there, but the monarch looks less than pleased.

The artist has done more video game works, including a Final Fantasy VI piece and several based on Nintendo franchises. Would you like to see more traditional games like Shadow of the Colossus given a makeover, or perhaps something a little more adventurous like Metal Gear Solid? Leave your wish list in the comments section below.

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