The Order 1886

Apparently some people were a little disappointed with The Order: 1886's recent gameplay reveal, but we honestly wouldn't know, as we were too busy trying to wrap our heads around how developer Ready at Dawn has managed to make the title look so ridiculously pretty. However, some have expressed concerns that the alternate history romp seems to contain a preposterous proliferation of that much maligned genre staple: the chest high wall.

We're not particularly worried, though, as according to studio director Ru Weerasuriya, these will be the most realistic chest high walls that we've ever seen. “Yes, there is cover as you might have seen in other games, but we’ve added traversal modes. You’ll go seamlessly from ‘full cover’ into ‘soft cover’ as you move away from an object," he stated in a post on the PlayStation Blog. "Imagine that you’re in cover, you’re shooting at something, and you want to pop out. You don’t just stick your head up, right? You’d still stay low. So we’ve tried to build a bit more reality into the cover system.”

The developer was also keen to remind us that the game's extensive melee combat system will be both brutal and byzantine. "For melee, we’re leveraging some of the things that we’ve learned in the past, even from the platformer days," he continued. "We want to supplement ranged combat with something that players don’t expect. You’ll see more melee modes that will give you some complex options.”

Were you underwhelmed by The Order: 1886's initial gameplay reveal? Did you expect something a bit more innovative? Lock 'n' load in the comments section below.