Love at first frag

Marriage proposals can be quite clichéd affairs. You know the movie staples: drop a ring in a glass of bubbly and pray that your other half notices it before they swallow it and you spend several days searching through you know what. Fortunately, at CES 2014 this week, PlayStation fan and blogger ‘TheGoodKyle’ adopted an original strategy by popping the question courtesy of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

The details are a teensy bit sketchy, but from what we can garner from the abovementioned romantic’s blog, he was able to get Naughty Dog to prepare the embedded clip using its game engine, which was played during a community event in Las Vegas this week. The backstory is that the groom met his wife-to-be through the title’s online beta a few years back.

And yes, as already alluded, she did say yes. It’s a nice reminder that while games can often be quite aggressive and heavy-handed, there are some touching human stories behind our favourite franchises. The very best of luck to PlayStation’s coolest couple since Nate and Elena – we hope that you both like clowns.