Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar's crime epic Grand Theft Auto V borrows liberally from the Michael Mann film Heat, but if a recent rumour is anything to go by, the best seller's previously teased DLC may be taking its major inspiration from a completely separate gangster movie: Martin Scorsese's imaginatively titled Casino.

A keen eyed fan dug deep within the recently released Beach Bum DLC and found audio files that suggest that we may be seeing casinos, indoor dirt racing, and custom car events in the upcoming single player expansion. Of course, it's worth noting that, as with all rumours, this is probably best taken with a hearty pinch of salt. Or perhaps more appropriately, a wheelbarrow full of salt, as we don't yet know whether these sound bites will actually be used. Regardless, they make for an interesting listen, and give the GTA-starved among you something to cling on to. Do you like the sound of gambling away all of your cash in Los Santos' newest club, or are these rumours making you beach bummed out? Take part in some rampant speculation in the comments section below.

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