Mighty No. 9

“That’s a megaton, right?” said Sony’s likeable Shahid Ahmad after announcing a PlayStation Vita version of Keiji Inafune’s super popular Mega Man reimagining Mighty No. 9 at a Eurogamer Expo panel earlier today. According to the indie hero, details are still forthcoming – but the handheld port will be confirmed as a stretch goal for the title’s uber-popular Kickstarter campaign imminently.

The game – which is already confirmed for the PlayStation 3 – has been blazing trails on the crowd funding website, raising over $2.6 million with just four days left to go. The title’s original target was a lowly $900,000, which it raised in mere hours of the project launching.

Update: There’s still a long way for the campaign to go before it officially hits Sony’s handheld. Eurogamer.net reports that the Kickstarter will need to raise $3.5 million before it fires onto the Vita, with Abstraction Games on standby to handle the port. The team previously converted Hotline Miami to PlayStation platforms.