Put your hype in perspective – this is unlikely to be a game announcement. However, it’s still news worth anticipating. Cory Barlog, the man behind God of War II, has Tweeted that there’ll be a “crazy announcement” on the PlayStation Blog today. Our best guess? He’s returning to Sony Santa Monica.

The outspoken developer left the first-party studio a little while after the completion of the PlayStation 2 epic, and went on to enjoy short tenures at Avalanche, Crystal Dynamics, and more. Having departed the Tomb Raider studio in April, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being brought back to essentially reboot the God of War franchise on the PlayStation 4.

Bruno Velazquez, an animator on God of War: Ascension, added more credence to our speculation, replying, “I wonder what it could be?” Sony has announced new staff appointments in the past, with Seth Killian’s arrival at Sony Santa Monica garnering coverage on the PlayStation Blog. We’ll find out for sure later, but we suspect that the God is about to return to his throne.

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]