Those of you with a taste for borderline embarrassing full-motion video may be tempted by the release of Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold on the North American PlayStation Store today. The title – which was originally released in arcades way back in 1992 – sees you using your trusty PlayStation Move six-shooter in order to blast a trail through the ruthless world of the Wild West.

For the PlayStation Network conversion – which follows the original Mad Dog McCree’s release in January – developer Digital Leisure has implemented re-mastered visuals, new difficulty modes, Trophies, and online leaderboards. Four-player multiplayer is also on offer, allowing you to finally find out who is the sharpest shooter amongst your friends.

There’s no word on a price just yet, but the title will launch alongside a trial, allowing you to get a taste for the wooden performances within before you part with any cash. For more information, point your pistol at the PlayStation Blog. Let us know if this re-release is on your radar in the comments section below.