The release of Vita has coincided with a revamped digital strategy, with a clear aim that certain experiences and titles will be available for low, if not smartphone-low, prices. Great news for gamers, though Vita owners in the U.S. are getting an extra treat this week.

It's been announced on the PlayStation Blog that Motorstorm RC, specifically the Vita version, will be free to U.S. gamers for an undefined 'limited time' from 6th March, courtesy of Scion. The PS3 version will cost $9.99, or $7.49 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so the Europe price of £4.79 for both titles is a good comparison, though the opportunity to enjoy the game on Vita alone for nothing is certainly attractive. It's not entirely clear whether this offer applies to just the U.S. or the whole of North America, with clarification not given at the time of writing.

Fear not, with paid DLC on the way there will be plenty of opportunities for Vita gamers to spend money on this title. If you're crazy enough to not consider a free download, perhaps our Motorstorm RC review can persuade you.