The critical darlings both spawned a fervent fanbase on the PlayStation 2, and recently got upgraded for the PS3. Now the two arthouse adventures are preparing for even greater exposure, with the Official PlayStation Blogcast confirming both titles for a North American downloadable release next week. The games are already available on the European PlayStation Store.

You'll be able to pick up either title for $20 each. While we recommend snapping them both up, if you absolutely must pick one, we suggest you go with Shadow Of The Colossus. The achingly pretty adventure is only about six hours long, but it's one of the most encapsulating games we've ever played.

The two Team ICO titles will be joined by downloadable versions of Crysis 2, Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell: Double Agent as part of next week's update too. Crysis 2 will run you $40, while the two Tom Clancy titles retail for $20 a piece.

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