Watching the God Of War creator devolve into a sub-human state as the release of Twisted Metal release nears has been a genuine source of pleasure for us. We don't mean that in a nasty way; moreover that we enjoy Jaffe's personality, and love the passion that he so clearly brings to everything he does.

In a slightly reserved video blog — with development of Twisted Metal agonisingly close to being finished — Jaffe has uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at a recent marketing shoot held for the game. The video shows Sweet Tooth's truck being driven around a desert, and Jaffe himself dressed up as a homeless person. We're presuming the shoot will be used for some form of launch trailer or commercial.

We're getting really excited about the return of Twisted Metal now. David Jaffe's never put out a good game — hey, lay off Calling All Cars — and there's a real sense of excitement surrounding the return of Sony's longest running first-party franchise. The disappointing thing is that SCEE's still doing very little to promote the game in Europe. We think it's going to do pretty well in the US though.

Check the video after the jump.