Table Football is a free augmented reality application that comes with the PlayStation Vita.

The platform holder has been experimenting with the technology for years — way back with the EyeToy on PlayStation 2, and more recently with the PlayStation Move on PlayStation 3. Naturally, the PS Vita extends on all of the tips and tricks Sony's researched over the years — with the portable system being the first device to support WAAR (or wide area augmented reality).

That technology is demonstrated in a new video uploaded to the PlayStation Blog, which shows off a free title called Table Football. The game will be available freely for every new PlayStation Vita owner, and it uses the augmented reality markers (included with every system) to create a football stadium on top of a flat surface. What's cool about the game is the way in which it uses multiple markers to allow you to create a full stadium, complete with fans and scoreboards.

The gameplay itself looks a little slow, but we get the impression that this demo is all about the technology. And it's certainly impressive stuff. Catch the demo after the break.