The messy UMD Passport program is the latest issue to irritate potential PS Vita purchasers.

The fact that it's offering anything — albeit in the form of the clunky UMD Passport initiative — is just bringing out malice and moaning from online forum users.

The latest brouhaha pertains to a list of compatible games published by the platform holder overnight. Around 262 games will support the scheme, just over a third of the PSP's current digital library.

Publishers such as Atlus, Nippon Ichi, Acquire, Tecmo Koei, SNK Playmore, and Cyberfront have all signed up to the scheme, but major names are still missing. Arguably the biggest absentee is Capcom, meaning Monster Hunter fans will need to re-buy a digital version of the latest animal hunting title if they want to play it on PS Vita.

It's all a bit messy and we can totally understand the complaints, but at the end of the day backwards compatibility is massively over-rated as far as we're concerned. Who spends more than $250 on a brand new device to play old games?

Apparently we're in the minority.