Lexis Numerique's explained Amy's combat in a little more detail.

The PlayStation Network downloadable depicts the story of a contaminated future, where the game's protagonist — Lana — is able to fight the disease by keeping close to Amy, a young girl able to reverse the affects of the infection.

Amy attempts to revisit the origins of survival horror by creating a tense combat experience, without the frustration typically associated with the genre.

"While most games in the genre choose to either be action- or combat-based, or instill fear by making players feel vastly less powerful than their enemies, Amy combines the best of both worlds. Paul Cuisset, the man behind Amy (and classic games such as Flashback), wanted to a new dimension, which is the cooperation between Amy and Lana," explained Djamil Kemal on the PlayStation Blog.

"Playing as Lana, you will have to decide whether you want to hide and avoid combat, or fight by using whatever weapons you can find. You can use Lana’s vulnerability to the infection to walk amongst enemies undetected, or use Amy’s special abilities.

"This makes you consider many options before trying to fight: hiding, asking Amy to go away, or using her special powers to defeat your opponents. But as we like to encourage players to exercise their right to choose, if you want to fight, go ahead and try. You won’t always be able to win, but those who don’t try will never know…"

The combat's explained in a brand new trailer after the break. There's still no date attached to Amy, but we're hoping it arrives soon. Survival horror has been massively under represented this generation, and we're eager for something to fill the void. The fact that Amy actually looks brilliant to boot, is all the more exciting.