Happy birthday to you.

Five years ago we would have been laughed off the 'net for claiming such a statement. But if you look back over the course of this generation, Sony really has done a staggering job of keeping its system relevant despite such a shaky start.

With the famous "two jobs" quote and "five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars" ringing heavily in its ears, the PlayStation 3 got off to a slow start. But Sony proved its tenacity, gradually realigning the system as a must own piece of hardware. Improvements to the PlayStation Network, first-party software and its digital delivery platform all served as the catalyst for the system's reinvention, gradually increasing its commercial fortune despite those slow early months.

And it brings us to where we are now. A period in which there's truly never been a better time to own a PlayStation 3. The back-catalogue is strong — packed with must-play exclusives such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and God Of War III — the PlayStation Network is an engaging social gaming platform, and the hardware itself continues to deliver despite its age. PlayStation Move and 3D compatibility all continue to reap benefits of Sony's forward-thinking strategy.

So, we wish you all the best PlayStation 3. And we're looking forward to another 12 months packed with quality content.