Not only does he intend to create a stellar fighting game, but he wants to push the PlayStation 3 to its limits in the process.

We saw glimpses of the game's ambition during its debut trailer at TGS earlier in the year, in which two fighters brawled upon a changing back-drop packed with explosions and activity.

"You see a lot of fighting games come out now that are really easy to pick up and play – and play online as well. Really simplistic fighting games. You just get ready and go," he said.

"For us though, we thought ‘that’s okay,’ but we really wanted to bring a new dimension to fighting games. We wanted to evolve, and create something that really uses the current generation systems’ full potential.

"What would a fighting game be like if you took the base of a fighting game, and upped that 100%? Used up all the machine power of the PlayStation 3?

"That’s something that we wanted to do – something that you can’t really port onto a handheld, something that can only be done on consoles."

Hayashi's clearly referencing Capcom's willingness to port its fighting games to as many handheld platforms as possible. But while we'd actually love to see Dead Or Alive 5 on PlayStation Vita, the executive definitely has a point. Despite being slick and pretty, Street Fighter IV's backdrops can feel a bit plain. We're definitely excited by the potential of a speculative brawler, and hope that Dead Or Alive 5 can achieve its lofty aims.