A. Noire</a>, Brendan McNamara, is to have his next project produced by Kennedy Miller Mitchell. The game, according to a report published by the Financial Review, is entitled Whore Of The Orient — another name for the city of Shanghai.

Much of Team Bondi, the studio responsible for L.A. Noire, got folded into KMM productions earlier in the year. The remaining employees went on to work on Happy Feet Two. But KMM is now believed to be developing a video game tie-in for its next Mad Max movie.

Previous rumours suggested that Swedish studio Avalanche was set to take on the property, but apparently co-founder George Miller was so impressed with Team Bondi's work on L.A. Noire that he decided to have the game developed in-house.

The news means that KMM is currently developing two video games in addition to its movie projects.

[Thanks VG247]