We Should All Totally Touch Our Katamari Together.

It's February 22nd and you're going to pick up your PlayStation Vita. You've got a wad of cash bulging in your pocket (most of which is assigned to that over-expensive memory card) and you know which launch games you desire.

"Can I help you, sir?" asks the kind, helpful cashier.

"Yes," you respond jovially, "I'd like to collect my PlayStation Vita."

You enthusiastically hand over your till receipt which symbolises your deposit.

"No problem at all," responds the cashier, before skipping away towards a kiosk at the back of the room and fumbling around for a brand new, sealed PlayStation Vita.

You stare longingly at the box, awaiting to delve into the contents inside. The cashier rings up the system on the till, and suddenly you're hit by a wave of trepidation.

"Would that be all, sir?" asks the cashier.

"No," you stumble, "I'd like a couple of games too."

"Which games?" queries the cashier politely once more.

"Uncharted: Golden Abyss," you state emphatically, "And Wipeout 2048."

"And can I help you with anything else?" the cashier asks.

You look around nervously, avoiding eye contact. Your cheeks burn.

"Touch My Katamari," you say.

"Excuse me, sir?" the cashier says startled.

"I'd like Touch My Katamari," you repeat, this time your cheeks crimson with embarrassment. "It's a game. Trust me," you insist.

"It's based on the old PlayStation 2 titles, but it takes advantage of the PlayStation Vita's various touch inputs to create a completely new experience," you explain.

"I'll just check that we've got it in stock, sir," the cashier responds indignantly.

Sure enough the cashier pulls out a copy of Touch My Katamari, alongside Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048. You avoid eye-contact for the rest of the transaction. You ask for a 32GB memory stick and hand over your wad of cash before quickly rushing out of the store, still a little pink in the cheeks.