Complaints Coming In Three, Two, One...

It's a discussion constantly on the minds of people upgrading to a new system. But it's an odd one really. The ability to play legacy titles is always welcome of course, but who actually upgrades their hardware to play old games?

Still, it might not be an important issue to us, but it is to a lot of others. And so Sony's got a plan for PlayStation Vita. Seeing as the system doesn't include a UMD slot, many owners will find their back-catalogue of titles, for all intents and purposes, useless. But the PlayStation Vita is backwards compatible in that it will play each and every PSP title available from the PlayStation Store.

But what if you have the UMD of a game, but not the downloadable version? Well, according to Siliconera, Sony intends to allow you to re-buy the title from the PlayStation Store at a "special price".

We agree, it's the not exactly the most elegant solution in the world. Nor is the most cost-effective. But if you're already locked into purchasing a PlayStation Vita and you've just got to play Patapon 3 on said system, it might be the best opportunity you get.