Portal 2 Is The Golden Joystick's Ultimate Game Of The Year Award Winner.

But it was Portal 2 that came out on top, winning the ceremony's Ultimate Game Of The Year award.

Yesterday, Sonic The Hedgehog was confirmed as the Golden Joystick's first ever Outstanding Contribution winner.

You can check out all the winners after the jump.

  • Best Fighting Game: Mortal Kombat
  • Best MMO: World of Warcraft
  • Best RPG: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Best Mobile Game: Angry Birds: Rio
  • Best Music Game: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
  • Best Strategy: StarCraft II
  • Best Sports Game: FIFA 11
  • Best Racing Game: Gran Turismo 5
  • Best Free-to-Play Game: League of Legends
  • Best Downloadable Game: Minecraft
  • Best Shooter: Call of Duty : Black Ops
  • One to Watch: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Best Action/Adventure: Assassin¬ís Creed: Brotherhood
  • Innovation of the Year: 3DS
  • Ultimate Game of the Year: Portal 2