SEGA is gearing up for a double Move whammy in October: with House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut at the month's end, PS3 owners after something a little more sedate are catered for on 4th October with the digital release of SEGA Bass Fishing.

Those aware of the game will know its lengthy history: originally an arcade release, it was ported to Dreamcast with its own bespoke fishing rod controller, before making the jump to modern consoles with the release of SEGA Bass Fishing on Wii, then later its inclusion on Xbox 360 disc release Dreamcast Classics Collection. Now at long last PSN account holders can try to snag a big one as the game's set for launch with Move support soon.

It's not the first bass fishing game on Move of course — the not-bad Rapala Pro Bass Fishing holds that honour — but our upcoming review will let you know if it's the catch of the day or just a minnow.