Lexis Numerique's Released A Brand New Teaser Trailer For The Fantastic AMY.

In a 2034 the world has been swept by disease and natural disasters. You play as Lana, a young woman who has just recovered consciousness after a comet strike decimated her home town of Silver City. Struck by the same virus that is transforming the rest of the city's inhabitants, it's only a matter of time before you turn. But there's hope.

A young girl called Amy is able to counter-act the virus and quickly attaches herself to you, pleading for your help. With Amy by your side your body is able to fend off the threat of the virus. But because of the young girl's potential to save lives, she is pursued by many. It's therefore up to you to protect the girl and save your own life in the process.

By staying close to Amy you ensure that you'll stay alive. But by moving away you can blend into the crowds of undead, masquerading as one of them. Holding hands with Amy allows you to feel her heartbeat, and subsequently gauge whether any threats are nearby.

It all sounds beautiful, and there's a brand new trailer after the jump demonstrating the duality of the PSN horror title.

The game's out this Fall, and we cannot wait.