A. Noire</a> due to the limitations of using a single Blu-ray disc — even though L.A. Noire does not use the maximum capacity Blu-ray available.

According to McNamara, two desks known as bunko and burglary were written, designed and had art assets created — despite being cut at a later date.

"We had a Bunko and Burglary desk - bunko is fraud and burglary is just people robbing houses and stuff - we had eleven full cases for that, which we wrote and did the design for to a certain extent - we even did the art for them too, but it just got to a point where we were never going to fit it on one Blu-ray," he said.

"It just becomes super prohibitive at that point. I think there might have been a better arc if we did do that - you get more of a chance to introduce different things - but in terms of the overall experience I think we did pretty well."

L.A. Noire shipped on a single-layer 25GB capacity Blu-ray disc. A larger, dual-layer 50GB disc is available. L.A. Noire also shipped on three XBOX 360 DVDs.

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[source computerandvideogames.com]