Marvel Pinball: Captain America (DLC) on PlayStation 3 Review.

Review 3 Squares - Good. Click for our reviews policy.

As Zen Studios extends its table roster for Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball, we're finding these reviews increasingly more difficult to write. The latest addition to Marvel Pinball is a Captain America themed table released appropriately ahead of the upcoming movie. By now we suspect many readers will already have preconceived expectations about what to anticipate from Zen Studios' DLC endeavours, and thankfully Captain America lives up to the same high standards set by previous releases.

To be brutally honest, we're not overly engaged in the Captain America fiction, so it's hard for us to explain the context of the table. Familiar franchise faces such as Bucky, The Red Skull and Baron Zemo all make appearances, and will presumably delight those actively engaged in the universe.

The Captain America table is a much more refined release than previous Marvel Pinball playfields. Compared to the recently released Fantastic Four arena, Captain America can look a touch sparse, with less extravagant rails and fewer character models occupying the table. But the playfield's metallic board and refined layout captures a much more elegant style that suits the character entirely.

There are multitude of mission objectives that can be initiated via a ramp in the top-right corner of the table. Zen informs us that the objectives themselves are based upon stories published in the Captain America's 65th Anniversary Comic. One neat objective sets you in a mini-table at the top of the arena and challenges you to deflect shots with the Captain's shield.

In spite of its simplicity, Captain America is another solid entry in Marvel Pinball's roster. The table's stripped back elegance gives it a different feel to other arenas already available, giving the layout a hint of individuality. As ever though, you're enjoyment of the Captain America table will depend on your appreciation of the base Marvel Pinball package. If you're craving additional content, your purchasing intent is probably already defined.

Marvel Pinball: Captain America is available now for £1.99 / $2.99 from the PlayStation Store.