At least, it seemed pretty clear to us — and virtually every other publication online.

But in a live interview on GameTrailers this afternoon, SCEA president Jack Tretton dismissed a global launch this "calendar" year, stating that the device would instead launch worldwide this "fiscal" year. That would give Sony until March 2012 to get the device on store shelves.

Tretton committed that Japan would get the device this calendar year, something that confuses us given the distinctly Western flavour of the PlayStation Vita's launch titles.

However, Tretton did imply that there's a possibility of two regions getting the Vita this calendar year — though that would probably leave Europe in the lurch while America and Japan have their fun.

The interview sours what was a very exciting press conference though. Yesterday we were all patiently waiting for the device's release [we even preordered! -Ed], safe in the knowledge that we'd all be experiencing Vita this year. Now we're back to worrying about when it's actually coming out again.