EA Sports Has Revealed Football Club For FIFA 12.

Touted as a new way for players to connect, Football Club bridges the gap between the real-world sport and the video game.

“The millions of fans playing FIFA online have shown us there is a constant appetite for a deep connected experience, driven by a love of the sport,” said Matt Bilbey, VP and GM of FIFA Soccer franchise.

“EA Sports Football Club is a new social experience that brings the world’s soccer fans together, engaging and entertaining them in new ways that have never been done before in a sports game.”

The social experience will allow players to connect and compete with their friends. Players will be able to upgrade their status, view stats and more. Football Club also implements a feature called "Support Your Club", which enables fans to support their favourite team and compete against rivals online in FIFA 12. Players can earn club points, helping their team to earn promotions and avoid relegations in virtual online leagues.

The Football Club will be free-of-charge when it launches alongside FIFA 12 later this year.