“I think there’s [...] an awareness thing for people that are getting their hands on the device and where they are choosing to purchase games,” market development gaffer Dominic Neil-Dwyer told PSLS.

“There’s only a few, at the minute, PlayStation One titles there, and there’s more coming on a regular basis, and there’s the whole PlayStation as a content provider exclusive to the device, the story about that, that will emerge and people will see.

“So, there’s no concerns, it’s a revolutionary device, it’s shaking up the market, we’re very pleased with it.”

Worryingly, sales for most PSone titles are in the 100-500 region according to the website. The highest-selling title is rumoured to be Destruction Derby with 500-1000 sales.

Neil-Dwyer said that feedback to the current line-up was "good" but that there was more classics on the way.

“We know there’s a lot more to come that we’re not, obviously, releasing yet,” he said.

“We’re releasing as we go, rather than telling everyone the full story, and I think everyone appreciates that you have a good line-up at the start of selling a device, because it is a smartphone and it has a good line-up – and that line-up will grow – and the feedback we got on that line-up is that it is a good line-up, so we’re very happy where we are.”