We're Relieved To Learn That The Syphon Filter Brand Is Alive And Kicking.

We've waited so long for this moment, and now it seems like Sony has revealed the great announcement prematurely. It's a shame really, because this announcement would have been a huge surprise at Sony's E3 press conference. But as the old saying goes, "leaks happen".

The news popped up on the PlayStation Blog but was pulled moments later. That didn't stop outlets such as GiantBomb picking up on the story though. Interestingly, the game is apparently in development at Sony Studio London. The series was originally created by Sony Bend, who we know are hard at work on Uncharted NGP. According to the rumours, the game will utilise a new engine and will release in Fall 2012. Sony's obviously intending to push this one big, then.

If true, you've got a year to catch up on your Syphon Filter. Please start immediately: Syphon Filter is one of the most overlooked franchises in SCE's repertoire. We're pumped.