A. Noire</a> is out next week. We're so excited that we're literally doing handstands in the middle of a motorway wearing period appropriate clothing. Not really of course, that would be dangerous. And stupid. Seriously, don't try that at home.

Rockstar being Rockstar, our inbox is still being flooded with new announcements regarding the upcoming crime thriller. Today the label's revealed a duo of soundtracks set to tie in with the release of the game. Both will be released on iTunes on May 17th. Synergy and all that.

The official L.A. Noire soundtrack is based on the "sweeping orchestral scores" of the period, and has been composed by Andrew Hale. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. So that's going to be amazing then.

The other soundtrack, L.A. Noire Remixed, has been produced in partnership with Verve Records. The EP is essentially a collection of classic tunes repurposed by modern DJs and producers. So that's going to be amazing too then.

Be still our beating heart. Just one more week.