A. Noire</a>. It's not much of a surprise, given that the game was originally intended to be a PS3 exclusive.

"For this project, we led on PlayStation 3, and in a way I think that's what most people are doing," Team Bondi boss Brendan McNamara told 1Up this week. "We found out that people were doing 360 and then trying to get stuff across to PS3 and were struggling with it

"There seems to be less of a struggle to go the other way, I think. You hear things that you have to put a lot of effort into on PS3 and get it up and running pretty quickly on the 360. Then, like everyone else you have to scramble to get your framerate up."

Brendan McNamara previously ran Sony's Soho Studio (now London Studio) where he found success with The Getaway series on PlayStation 2.

<span>L.A. Noire is out next week.