At least, we hope so anyway. Everything we've seen of Rockstar and Team Bondi's crime-thriller, L.A. Noire,borders on the positive side of brilliant. After awarding our game of the year award to Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption last year, we're waiting to see if Team Bondi can win us over for a second year running. We're very excited.

In an exciting nod at the current state of the games industry, we're going to run a competition in this post's comments. No prizes this time, we're afraid. The question: what do you think L.A. Noire's Metacritic score will settle at about a month after launch? Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption are at 98 and 95 respectively. We're plumping up a confident 93 for L.A. Noire. Thoughts?