We Must Own That Vinyl Inspired Resistance 3 Blu-Ray Disc.

The rest of Europe will get it a bit earlier, on September 7th. The US version will release on September 6th, as was previously confirmed.

In addition to the release date, Sony's also blown the lid off the game's menagerie of pre-order bonuses and special editions. Pre-order bonuses range from multiplayer skins to Chimera tooth necklaces. You can get the full low-down on the PlayStation.Blog.

We're more interested in Resistance 3's special editions. Sony's planning two in Europe: the standard Special Edition and the bumper Survival Edition. The special edition comes packaged in a steel book case and includes a voucher for all of the pre-order bonus content. Pretty boring, huh? Wrong. The coolest thing about the Resistance 3 Special Edition is the actual game disc, which has been styled to look like an old vinyl record. We're already sold.

The Survival Edition includes everything from the previously detailed Special Edition (still with us?) in addition to a bunch of extra goodies. There's Capelli's satchel (an actual bag!), a Chimera firing-range target poster, a bunch of period toy soldiers, Capelli's journal, a Resistance-themed hip flask, and a set of soldier's playing cards.

Sure, some of the stuff in the survival edition looks a bit tacky, but we like the way Sony's really playing up Resistance 3's period setting. The toy soldiers, satchel and vinyl record Blu-ray disc really help impose the game's historical feel.

In fact, we're a little worried at how tempted we are by Resistance 3's Survival Edition. Just when we'd fought off the impulse to pick up inFamous 2's Hero Edition too.