The Helen Mirren lookalike — named Katherine Marlowe — is the head of a secret society whose roots date back over four-hundred years to the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Naughty Dog's community manager Arne Meyer explained on the PlayStation Blog: "She has a long-standing rivalry with Nathan Drake over Sir Francis Drake’s ring – something they both contend is rightfully theirs and is also the key to an ancient mystery."

Marlowe's ruthless, but she's not alone. She's got a number of thugs working under her, one of which is the spitting image of Crank star Jason Statham. Looks like Naughty Dog's been playing super close attention to Britain's Hollywood exports. All we need now is a Keira Knightley carbon-copy to fall for Drake's rugged charms.

Check out the new cut-scene after the jump which is two-parts intriguing and one-part amazing. There's lots of great speculation swirling around the mystery of Drake's ring right now.