One little tid-bit that was captured by various outlets though (we'll source Joystiq) pertained to the NGP's storage methods. According to a slide in Sony's presentation, the NGP will ship with 2GB and 4GB game-cards. The medium is significantly smaller than the PlayStation 3's 50GB Blu-Ray discs, and similar to the PSP's 1.8GB UMD. Sony noted that 5-10% of the cartridge will be reserved for save data and future patches.

If the available space sounds pretty small, Sony pointed out that most PlayStation 3 games (read: multiplatform games) only use around 9GB of space. The platform holder added that it's a lot more storage per game than a "10MB mobile phone game". Erm, ouch?

In addition to the game-cards, Sony added that the NGP will have another storage option known as "removable memory". "Cards will be large to support a variety of downloaded content," the slide stated. This includes games available over the PlayStation Network, with Sony promising a "single submission process for both formats". I.e. any title that passes QA will be approved for both traditional retail and the PlayStation Store. It should result in every new release launching on the PSN as well as brick-and-mortar outlets.

Of course, whether the NGP will actually have any on-board memory remains to be seen. It's starting to sound somewhat unlikely, which is rather strange. We'd imagine PSN sales would shoot up if people had somewhere on-board to stash their goods.