But that's what Sucker Punch announced as part of GDC last night — a complete level editor.

As development director Chris Zimmerman stated on the PlayStation Blog, "Sandbox games are a ton of fun. There’s a whole city to explore, and we provide lots of stuff to do in the city … but no matter how many missions and mini-missions and systemic opportunities and branching story lines we add to the game, eventually the story ends."

inFamous 2 hopes to overcome that problem by allowing players to create their own missions and share them over the Internet. Apparently the game ships with the same tools that Sucker Punch use to construct objectives in the main game, including the same roster of enemies, creatures and props. Interestingly, the mission creator will allow users to bend the gameplay, rules allowing brand new gameplay possibilities. Sucker Punch cite disc golf as a possibility — "assuming you’re happy tossing around cars instead of Frisbees".

What's extra cool is that user-generated missions shared on the Internet will appear in the world for other players to try. Sucker Punch has even vowed to promote the best user developed missions, ensuring quality content will always be available.

A limited public beta of the new feature is set to launch soon. Sucker Punch is planning to release more details about that on March 14th. In the mean-time, check out the trailer after the jump.