So when we saw the words Call Of Juarez: The Cartel popping up on gaming websites across the 'net this afternoon, we jumped into our inbox with a tangible sense of optimism. Sure enough, we had a press release from our buddies at Ubisoft, and we hopped in to get the juice. A new Juarez from original developers Techland — what's not to love?

There, in the synopsis, were the words "present-day". We understand that we're living in a post Red Dead Redemption world, but Call Of Juarez's western setting is surely stronger because of that. With so many games set in the modern day, we're not convinced Juarez needs to go there.

But we loved the last game so much that we're willing to give developers Techland the benefit of the doubt. The game won't be totally dropping the western tone, it's just the game will now explore "modern day Los Angeles, California to Juarez, Mexico".

Ubisoft are promising a "gritty" plot, presumably much like Juarez's predecessors. We just hope the franchise hasn't lost its identity.

The game's due out in the Summer.