No better game fits the bill than Valve's puzzle-shooter, Portal 2. Thankfully the publisher is ahead of the curve. Writing on the German PlayStation Blog, Valve's Chet Faliszek confirmed support for the Move, stating the controller is a new experience for the publisher, thus "not fully integrated yet". Whether that means the PlayStation Move support will be patched in post-release, we're not entirely sure. Either way, Valve's exclusive SteamWorks implementation will mean any subsequent additions will be easy as primary school mathematics, so it's not a major deal.

“We made the mistake of issuing the console versions of Orange Box to an external team. They have done a good job, but not as quite reach the quality level we have at Valve. Now everything is created in-house, we created our own console department, [which includes] PS3," said Faliszek.

“So, the Playstation 3 is coming late, we are sorry. But as a small remedial measure, PS3 [gets] exclusive cloud storage, a free code for PC, and full Playstation-Move support.”

The PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 is sounding unbelievable right now. Valve came good in a massive way, and they deserve enormous kudos for going to these lengths. In addition to that, the PlayStation Move support actually sounds like it makes a lot of sense.