The only problem with Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is that only one player can assume the role of Captain Qwark.

We predict straw drawing and angrily exchanged PlayStation Network messages. See while Ratchet's side-kick Clank, and nemesis Nefarious are cool, they pale in significance to the adorably arrogant Qwark.

The latest gameplay trailer for Insomniac's co-operative platform shows off a locale known as Seaside Village. Insomniac note that the "fearsome foursome will have to use several weapons in their arsenal, including the returning Combuster, and the Warmonger rocket launcher" to succeed in the hazardous holiday district. Insomniac adds that players can choose to combine the strengths of particular weapons, or specialize in specific types, explaining that the "choice is up to you".

Just take it in turns to play as Captain Qwark, ok?