The Dude Behind Flashback Is Putting Together A New PSN Exclusive Called Amy.

The post-apocalyptic survival horror is being developed by Cuisset's VectorCell studio, and puts you in the shoes of a girl called Lana (not Amy!) who's just survived a comet crashing into her home-town. Lucky girl!

Except she's not so lucky after all. As the streets are ravaged with chaos, Lana finds she's been infected by a lethal virus that's turning the human race into angry sociopathic mutant things. Rargh. Lana's only hope of survival is by teaming up with a mysterious youngster called, yes, Amy. Hint: she's probably an alien.

As well as solving puzzles with Amy, you'll also use her powers to fight the virus ravaging your body. You'll be able to fight or flee from the monsters roaming the Earth, who will hunt in packs and track you down by detecting your scent and heat signature.

The game's due in the second quarter of 2011. We couldn't find a good screenshot so included a picture of Flashback instead.