The device has yet to be announced, but we still know pretty much everything about it. Now we have a commercial courtesy of Norwegian site, Droidnytt.

The advert, posted here on Youtube, shows the Android mascot being given a pair of thumbs. It's all a bit gross but it gets the message across: this is a device that does all your usual phone tasks, as well as playing games with reasonable controls. It's just baffling to us that all this stuff should leak before the announcement.

It doesn't stop with the commercials though. Engadget claims to have got hold of some shots of the demo booths that will be used to promote the Xperia Play in stores. They run with the tagline: "Smart Phone. Smart Gaming." All looks reasonable, though we're less convinced of the validity of these. The device pictured on the booth doesn't look quite the same as the one in the leaks, though it's hard to tell.

The commercial's clearly legit though. How has this leaked so badly?

Apparently we're due a formal announcement at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona from February 14-17th. No doubt stores will be selling them before then.