We're Mere Hours Away From Learning The Contents Of Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2011.

9% sure we'll know a little more about the direction of Sony Computer Entertainment's handheld strategy. At 3PM JST Sony's scheduled an event in Tokyo, Japan deemed "PlayStation Meeting 2011". Last time Sony held a PlayStation Meeting (in 2005), details of the PS3 were revealed. With the 3DS months away from general release, it would be a fitting time to reveal plans about the PlayStation Portable's successor.

Top journalists around the globe have been shipped off to Sony's super secret event in Japan. This is almost certainly going to be result in massive news. Naturally we'll be around to guide you through the announcements as they break. We've included a handy time guide after the jump, as well as a collection of everything we know up to this point.

Brace yourself folks. If we're on the money, tomorrow morning is going to be huge.

Time Guide:

East Coast: 1 AM, Jan. 27
West Coast: 10 PM, Jan 26
Japan: 3 PM, Jan. 27
England: 6 AM, Jan 27
Sydney, Australia: 5 PM, Jan. 27

The Story So Far: