Looks Like It's Going To Be A Bumper Year For Tomb Raider. It All Kicks Off With The Tomb Raider Trilogy On PS3.

We load it up, watch a few cut-scenes, wander around the world and feel extremely happy. The tutorial levels teach us all the mechanics and we feel stoked about the rest of the game. About an hour later, we hit a brick wall. As we enter an enormous room, the camera zooms out and pans across an enormous maze of poles, ledges and levers. Feeling the onset of a migraine, we put our controller down and put Lara back in her box. Rarely does she re-emerge.

We're certain we'll follow the same cycle with Square's newly announced Tomb Raider Trilogy. The PS3-exclusive HD remasters package includes all three of Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider titles: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. What's more, it will include an exclusive XMB theme, two PlayStation Home costumes and some behind-the-scenes videos.

The package is set to release in March and will cost $39.99 in North America.