PlayStation Home Minigames Look Like This These Days.

PlayStation Home is awesome. It might not be your particular flavour of herbal tea, but we love the direction Sony's taking with the virtual world.

Take this week's update: in North America the Central Plaza is set to be transformed into a haven for Killzone fans. (European players will have to access the Plaza via a drop-ship in the Home Square.) The recreated space is set to represent the ISA's last struggle against the Helghast assault. Visitors will be able to take part in a three-level first-person shooter mini-game which depicts the on-going battle between the clashing forces. Completing challenges will reward players with PlayStation Home goodies. But that's not all. Awesomely, completing levels in the PlayStation Home mini-game will provide players with multiplayer unlock points in the main Killzone 3 multiplayer campaign. It's total integration. How neat is that?

American players will even be able to access a booth connecting directly to From there, users will be able to preorder the game and receive a special avatar item for making the effort.

So yeah. PlayStation Home is totally reaching the sum of its potential. Good on Sony for sticking with it. There's a trailer after the jump.

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