MLB 11: The Show Is Now Just That Tiniest Bit More Awesome.

According to the report , the new gameplay mode will allow gamers with disabilities to throw the ball or swing the bat with a single push of a button. May we nominate Square?

“Here I am, a baseball fanatic who never actually played the game for real, but through this video game, I’ve been able to have the experience of playing the real game of dreams,” said Smith.

“There are so many people out there who are in wheelchairs but love sports. Because of that, I want to make it possible for them to have their dreams come true just like me.

“That’s what the Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes is all about. Some organizations for disabled people aren’t available to everyone — you have to live in a big city. Plus, you still run the risk of getting hurt. But with a virtual organization, you can adjust the settings to whatever you want. If you can’t do anything but push one button, then you can control everything else via the artificial intelligence. This levels the playing field for people who are otherwise outside the sports arena.”

Good stuff. Without getting too sentimental, stories like this do serve as a reminder of how much we take for granted.