NGP's Getting Quite The Positive Response From Those Who've Gone Hands-On Today.

The site describes the system's OLED screen as "stunning", while explaining that the touch components provide "a new experience for PlayStation Portable gamers". The site adds that the device is much lighter than expected, serving up an explanation from Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida.

"That's because it doesn't have a UMD drive," he explained. The NGP will utilise a memory card format as opposed to the PSP's infamous UMD solution.

Kotaku furthers that the device is comfortable in the hands, explaining that the rear touch panel "felt natural". Perhaps most importantly, Kotaku explains that the new dual analogue sticks are "fast, responsive and easy to use".

You can read the site's positive impressions for yourself through here. They echo the thoughts of a number of journalists who got to try out Sony's new device today.